Get the right sales development.

MoneyBall automatically recommends courses to improve your sales skills based upon what you need.

Get a better understanding of your sales skills in a fast and objective way.

MoneyBall does all the work of capturing your sales skills and helping you improve the skills that are most important.

With the help of psychologists from Cangrade and an innovative skill mapping technology from Zapoint, CareerBuilder and Indiana University's Kelley School of Business created a sales training tool that will Assess, Benchmark and Coach sales reps with 10 minute courses accessible on demand from anywhere - laptops, tablets and smartphones.

  • CareerBuilder
  • Kelley School of Business
  • Cangrade
  • Zapoint

Your Competitive Advantage

Improvement starts with a clear understanding of your individual strengths and weaknesses – the unique traits and abilities that make up your personality.

We call this a Sales Persona.

Sales personas

"Most companies make the mistake of focusing their sales training on product, process and industry – and not on their people. What they don’t realize is salespeople with formally developed sales skills outperform their peers two to one."

John F Cady PhD

Kelley School of Business

Your Sales Persona

You begin by completing a 10 minute assessment designed by professors from Indiana University and Harvard that is designed to identify your sales persona.

Sales Training
Your Sales Persona

Your Development

MoneyBall creates an individualized development plan based on your sales persona. Courses are designed to help you improve your sales abilities.

Your Development

Make every sales person your best sales person

Sales Leader Challenges:

  • Lack data on sales performance drivers
  • Lack standardized coaching
  • Lack of understanding of sales styles
  • Lack reinforcement of sales training

MoneyBall Solution:

  • Increase ability to make better decisions
  • Standardize coaching
  • Identify key drivers of high performers
  • Mobile & on-demand
Sales Talent Development

How It Works

  • Users complete 10 minute assessment
  • Individual sales development plan generated
  • 10 minute learning courses prescribed to improve performance
  • Gamified to increase engagement
How It Works

More Benefits of the Service

  • Capture New Data Sets to Drive Structural Decisions
  • Offer Individualized Development Plans for Your Sales People
  • Monitor Improvement with Customized Dashboards
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More Benefits of the Service